This is my first blog

This is the first blog I have written.  It has slowly evolved during the five and plus years that it existed.  It started about following the real teachings of Jesus Christ: The Kingdom of Heaven.   It has shifted from concentrating on Jesus’ teaching to including other similar topics that still relate to serving the poor, helping others, and reflecting on life itself.

I am a regular person who enjoys art, philosophy, psychology, history, and sociology. I love going to the beach, observing nature, playing with my children, and relaxing.  My favorite color is burgundy, and my favorite kind of food is Chinese. I like to see horses, sunsets, and stars at night.  I do yoga, fine arts, and political cartoons.  I consider myself a Reflecting person.

I don’t plan to write anymore in this blog, but rather continue to share my spiritual journey on my second blog Living the Moment Now. Please feel free to visit the “second part” of Living the Kingdom.





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