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The Delusion of Life

We tend to believe we are the center of the universe.   We like to think we are advanced beings capable of so many things.

But we  are simply a whole bunch of self proclaimed “intelligent” creatures living in a huge piece of circular rock, spinning and revolving around one humongous burning star among billions of stars in a seemingly limitless black space.

In spite of this humbling fact about our existence, we limit our growth by fighting each other over land, religion, and money.  We learn to hate each other faster than we are willing to accept and love one another.

Even after realizing the insignificance of our presence in the vast universe, we keep fixated on how to win the competition through consumerism and mass manipulation.  We prefer to compete rather than cooperate.

In spite of realizing that we definitely not know everything there is to know about our human lives and the reason for the universe’s existence, we still live our lives as if we have everything figured out.  We tend to pretend to know instead of living and accepting uncertainty.

We live in our own bubble of grandiosity and self-adoration.  But we are truly unsecured and we constantly feed our egos to the point of living a fantasy through religion, fame, professionalism, fashion,  patriotism, and pride.

This is our delusion.

This is what keeps us in a superficial sense of security and invisibility.

Will we ever fully wake up to the reality of our limitations? Will we accept the fact that we are all the same?  Will we accept and embrace our mortality?


God versus Humans: Part 2

We, humans, have declared war on God.  But this is not an ordinary war.   It is a different kind of war.  We have tried very hard to fight Him, not with guns, tanks, and bombs, but with our egos. Our weapons are our egos.  We try to use human logic to explain away the existence of God.  We attempt to justify the non existence of God by using suffering and evil as evidence.  We try very hard to live independently. We try to own our lives.  But we truly own nothing.  Not even our own bodies. Once our bodies die, we lose them forever.

No matter how many rules, regulations, and laws we create, we humans will continue to break them.  And when we break the rules and laws, we must create consequences to enforce the laws.  And when we enforce the laws, we are also creating a hierarchy of those who have the power to enforce the laws, and those who must obey the laws.  This creates different classes based on different levels of authority.  And by doing so, we create inequalities among ourselves.  Those who can and those who cannot. Those who must obey, and those who must be obeyed.  And this almost always leads to injustice, abuse of power, and hatred.  It is a dead end.

This dead end is even more enforced by a very powerful armor that we tend to use: Pride.

Pride is a very dangerous thing to live with.  It blinds us to the point of exalting us to a level that is more than we really are, but is truly an illusion.  Pride gives us a false sense of security that is temporary and shallow.  It makes us even more vulnerable to suffering and pain.

But someone once said “love your enemies.”  He also said “be perfect as my Father in heaven is perfect,” “walk the extra mile,” “turn the other cheek,” “forgive seventy times seven,” and “those who are free of sins can throw the first stone.” How can you do all of these things, and still enforce rules, create hierarchies, and maintain our pride?

We simply cannot.  It is either us with our own strengths, or something else.  Something outside of us.

We humans cannot ever function perfectly without failing with our own limitations, unless we rely on something greater than us. Because, after all, it is not about us and our limited strengths.    Like a community is not built with an individual but a combination of different individuals, humans cannot surpass our limited ways of living without the collaboration of something beyond us. And it is through this collaboration that we can move beyond the strict set of rules and regulations that we cannot escape from on our own.  This collaboration is with something greater than us. Something transcendent.

I think we need to surrender to the fact that we cannot do this on our own.  We need to empty ourselves from our arrogant ways of living. We surrender ourselves by being poor in spirit.  In this spiritual poverty, we will then have the space to fill ourselves with something greater.  We will cease to look at other humans as inferior, but will see them as worthy.  And the key word here is Surrendersimilar to when soldiers surrender in a battle field.

We would not need to maintain a hierarchy.  We would not need to keep ourselves segregated or compartmentalized.  We would not need to create fear, abuse, or hatred. We simply would need to Surrender. And by surrendering, we are automatically welcoming Grace.

And when you have grace, then we start experiencing forgiveness.  We start having true harmony.  We begin to love our enemies.  We experience strong communities.  We encounter and start living a new way of existence.

“…for God, nothing is impossible.”

And by doing the above, we humans are already making peace…. With God.