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What is Happiness ?

A lady who dreams of spending time with family who lives hundreds of miles away.  She is delusional about her family coming to visit her. She is disoriented and paranoid.  She relies on medication to remain fully functional.

A drug addict who gets excited for simply receiving extra food during the holidays. He has no family members to spend time with.  He sometimes sells food and medicine to support his drug addiction.

A man who prefers to spend time by himself on Christmas. He is depressed and actively psychotic. He is sometimes suicidal.   He has an elderly mother who no longer can visit him as she used to.
These are just a few examples of the suffering that surrounds us on a daily basis.  We complain about every little thing that happens to us, but forget about  the people who dream of having the basic things in life such as food and shelter.  How unappreciative can we be?  How much more are we going to ignore our suffering neighbor?  We remain fixated on what would make us happy, and disregard the needs of the “least of these”.

We tell each other “Happy Holidays!”, “Happy New Year!”, but are we really wishing each other happiness of are we simply being polite?  Are we happy when we receive the Christmas gifts, or simply being spoiled? Do we care about other’s basic needs or about our desires and wants?  The truth is, all we really care about is our own comfort and self indulging behavior.  Let’s admit it.

We don’t know what happiness really is.   We rarely think about the ones who need real happiness in their lives, not because they have less money, dirty clothes, or fewer friends, but because they have nothing at all.

Do you know what it’s like to have nothing at all?  Ask a homeless person.    Ask a severe mentally ill person.  Ask an orphan.  They will surely educate us on what happiness really means.  They would say happiness would be something like a hot meal.  Or a warm bath.  Or spending one hour with distant family members.  Or having a clear mind without hallucinations or delusions for 30 minutes.  This is what happiness really is.

Unless we are starving, freezing, depressed, petrified, or in unbearable pain, we will never appreciate what happiness really is.


I feel…

I feel like an onion which layers are peeled off one by one.

Also  like a muddy dog that is cleaned as it leaps into a lake.

I feel like a heavily armored soldier who takes away his uniform

and weapons, until he is completely naked…. vulnerable.

I feel like a young bird that finally begins to fly, leaving behind

the nest that protected it for so long, keeping it from experiencing freedom.

Like a star that finally shines once all the clouds that covered it  finally clear up in the sky.

Emptying myself, like an empty cup,  in order to be filled  and be who I was meant to be.

I feel like water that is freed to flow and run, after it has escaped from its

frozen state.

It’s scary… but liberating at the same time.

Developing my real self independent from others influence.

These are a few descriptions of how I have been perceiving my spiritual journey.

How I have been coming out of the shell of comfort and illusions,

and into the reality of the unknown … the real life.