Unanswered Questions

Questions.  I have so many of them.  They all represent the uncertainty of life.   Life is full of unknowns.  Facing the unknown is what scares me… sometimes. But at the same time, it is liberating.

Many people  claim they have all the answers, they prefer to believe they have figured out what life is all about.  But the reality is….. nobody really has.  Life is like a dark tunnel, and what people tend to do is fabricate their own version of meaning and purpose in order to feel more secured.  We all want to believe something.  We all  want some direction which alleviates the uncertainty and chaos of life. So then we create something to hold on to as the light at the end of the dark tunnel of life.

What is keeping us from moving beyond the status quo and routine of life?  Why are we so afraid of the unknown, which keeps us trying to convince ourselves that we have everything figured out?  Can’t we just admit we are flawed, limited, lost, and finite?

What is truth?  What philosophy should I follow?  Perhaps it is the approach of emptying myself to the point of not longing anything.  Or maybe it is seeking and searching for more, and never be satisfied with what life brings. Or maybe it is wanting to help the poor regardless of situations that brought them to poverty.  Or maybe it is rather teaching others how to be more responsible and seeking self sufficiency.

Suffering has always been part of our lives. What is the purpose of all this suffering?

Every four hours a child dies of cancer.  Why does this happen?  Can we ever put a stop to this monster?

Every 3 seconds a child dies of hunger…. Why does this even happen and  what is the solution to this major problem?

How much longer are we going to live the fantasy of self indulgence and comfort? How much longer are we going to live in the “womb”?  Don’t we realize that our lives can cease at any moment?  Why live an illusion, believing what other self-serving politicians, religious leaders, and businesses bombard us with on a daily basis?  Where is our bravery to deny the ego and search for the inner self?

Should I long for contentment, and tranquility?  Or should I strive for justice, fighting for equality and peace?

Are every occurrences in life random chances which we perceive in different ways, depending on our personal experiences?  Or are they purposeful events that have a meaning for us to learn from?

Is God simply an unjust being, or does he/she have a purpose for all of this suffering beyond our human understanding?

We are really nothing, compared to the magnitude of this universe.  We are insignificant beings.  Yet, we have the potential to grow even  more if we so desire.  We can find some actual answers if we simply continue to ask questions.


About Noel

I am a person who has realized that this existence is an opportunity to engage in the genuine care and service of others. I have evolved from fundamentalism to a moderate spiritual approach. I am an introvert, an artist, and a a reflecting person who has grown to not fear doubt but to embrace it as a means to growth and increasing closeness to the fullness of life. View all posts by Noel

6 responses to “Unanswered Questions

  • Alania

    “Wow!!” Now i can see how our posts fit hand in hand!! It’s all so perfectly guided…isn’t it?? And…those who question…hold the power to envision a new reality!! Thank YOU for letting the thoughts flow…while questioning the status quo!!

  • hifzan shafiee

    May be it always be an simple answer. It was just a law of nature/God.

  • lulu

    NOEL, I have found that questioning is often fruitless. Rather I try to accept what is and to be receptive to new information that may help toward better understanding. I think Jesus gave us a pretty simple game plan for life and that’s enough for me.

    • Noel

      lulu, how can I have better understanding if I don’t question? Accepting what is is also my approach in life, but there is still a lot that is not clear which requires further exploring (i.e. after life).

  • Nate

    I honestly found it easier to rationalize the horrible things in life when I stopped believing there was a plan. Sometimes good things happen, sometimes bad things happen. Hopefully, we use our lives to reduce the number of bad things in life and increase the number of good things — leave this place a little better than the way we found it. But it’s easier for me to accept tragedy now that I don’t believe there’s a God who should/could have prevented it. I still hate the tragedy, but I feel like I have a better understanding of why it happens.

    Nice job on this post. These are important and difficult questions. The world might be a better place if more of us concentrated on them.

  • Don Hartness

    Some of these questions have potential answers, while others may never have an answer. I, however, will stick to one that stood out to me:

    “Many people claim they have all the answers, they prefer to believe they have figured out what life is all about. But the reality is….. nobody really has.”

    I would like to break this into parts. If anybody claims they have all the answers, they are lying, and are to be avoided as potentially dangerous (they may just be a fool, but why risk it?). However, those that believe they have it all figured out fall into two camps: those that belong to the group above (and still to be avoided), and those that truly do have it figured out.


    One can never have the answer for another, yet one can have the answer for one’s self. You can call it a path, a journey, a calling, or any number of things but, when you find it, for you, harmony follows. It is possible to discover and achieve.

    A word of caution in closing. The answer, whatever it is for you, is meant for a season. Once the season is over, confusion may return. This, however, is just a sign that a new path will open soon. Endure through the transition and you will have it all figured out again. 🙂

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