Monthly Archives: July 2012

Learn from Children

Children learn by asking questions. They are curious about the world.  They actually make me think about the things that I usually take for granted.  For instance, my children ask questions like: “What makes it rain?” , “Who is in charge of our country?” and “How does a GPS know where we are…?”

In the same way, we learn by asking, questioning, researching, wondering.

If we do not, we will be stagnated in an immature state of mind and spirit.  We would continue to be immersed in our own selfish and superficial way of life.  We would continue to be bombarded with what the media tells us: be strong , be the best, have more, do more, exalt  the self, defend the ego….  We will be trapped in our own convenient worlds.  It would be like going back to our fetus position and continue to be fed by the umbilical cord of the ego.

We will  not learn to love, to care, or to forgive, because life would be all about feeling comfortable.

We enjoy to glorify ourselves through sports, businesses, politics, patriotism, religion, etc.  We eagerly try to exalt ourselves to a level higher than what we really are.  We like to pretend we are the best.  We like to believe we live in the best country, follow the right religion, eat the best food, and believe the right principles.  We enjoy pretending to be better than the other person, because it is the easiest way to fight our insecurities. But we are truly the last if we think this way.

The truth is, we are insignificant beings, yet we are important and worthwhile.

What we need to do is stand back, look at the big picture, and begin to learn and ask questions, because we don’t know everything, just like children do.

Like Mother Teresa once said, I would like to help other people of different points of view be better in what they believe and do, such as helping the Muslim be a better Muslim, a Christian be a better Christian, a Buddhist be a better Buddhist, and a Hindu be a better Hindu.  We can still learn from each other, in spite of some differences.

Instead of competing and comparing, we should share and assist.  Instead of being content with what we pretend we know,  we should be willing to continue to learn.  Instead of wanting to figure out the mysteries of life  and prematurely  reaching a conclusion with a simple doctrine, we should be brave enough to continue to explore and strive for more understanding.

Just like children do.