I Am Here

This is the greatest truth.  I am here is always true.

Beginning, or end.

Wherever I am, I can always say I am here.

Either when I am sinking in torment,

Or when I am gratefully experiencing  joy,

Wherever I am, I can always say I am here.

Even when  night or sunlight falls on me,

Whatever situation encompasses me,

Whenever I am, I can always say I am here.

During self doubt and insecurity,

Or during self-confidence and faith,

Whichever I am, I can always say I am here.

Others would not always be here.

For sometimes I am alone, in my personal journey,

Whomever I am with, I can always say I am here.

In cold or warmth, hatred or love,

when sad or angry, eager or stagnated.

However I feel, I can always say I am here.

Human…. soul…. being….. spirit.

Lost….. or Saved.

Whatever I am, I can always say I am here.


About Noel

I am a person who has realized that the teachings of Jesus are centralized in the genuine care and service of others. I have evolved from fundamentalism to a moderate spiritual approach. I am a reflecting person who has grown to not fear doubt but to embrace it as a means to growth and increasing closeness to God. View all posts by Noel

13 responses to “I Am Here

  • grandfathersky

    Have you read Mystic Christianity by Annie Besant?

  • Tri

    Noel I simply miss your postings and love what you have to write or share God’s message with us and this is no different. I truly love this.
    By the way, last week or so I was looking for your blog and it indicated that your blog was canceled, I’m sure glad it wasn’t, glad to see your blog is up brother.

  • timbob

    Good morning. Philippians 4:11 and I Timothy 6:8 came to mind as I read this. Both speak of being content and both identify the truth that true contentment is never based on ones physical situation. when we are close to Jesus and our affections are in heavenly places, the world loses its power over us. As Paul wrote to the Philippian church, “to live is Christ and to die is gain.

    To number each day and be thankful as each one is a gift. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Noel

      Timbob, thank you so much for your comment. It is true that true contentment , or joy, is based not on the material world (possessions, power, weatlh, etc) but on being Present and actually serving others. It is like being in heaven, I believe. . I hope you keep visiting my blog. God bless.

  • Anonymous

    You say you are here ….. are you sure? Every time you fall sleep …do you really think you exist… if youulose your sight, smell,and hearing ….do you think you exist….. if you get into some kind of coma … are you really around? What about the kids that never saw, hear, smell or touch anything at all … are they really here? …… see agai The Matrix …. it is not a movie … it is a proposal of what this “existence” might be ,…..by the way … what is “here”?

    • Noel

      Anonymous, thanks for the response. The thought that inspired me to write this post was that, no matter where I am, or in what condition my mind is (asleep, in a comma, intoxicated, etc) I am in the place where I am. If I am not aware of it, I am still there, where ever that place, frame of mind, or consciousness that might be. I cannot always say “we are here” because some may not be, or “they are here” or “you are here”. But I can always say (conscious or not) that “I am here”. I cannot escape from my self. I am self.

  • oneanna65

    You are great !!!!! I’m sorry. And thank you.

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