Greater than Jesus

Can we do the things Jesus did?  He said we could, and more.

Jesus said “You will do greater things than what I have done” (John 14:12)

He  called us “light of the world” and “salt of the earth”.

Does this mean we are still sinners, or simply immature people growing to do greater things?

He did not want to be called “good man”, because he knew that only God is good,

And he did not claim to own any land, house, or any possession.

So if we are to do greater things, we should not assume we are good or own anything.

He did not want to be made a king by force, and neither should we assume any authority.

Can we turn the other cheek and refrain from retaliating?

Can we love those who hate us, even if they persecute us and try to kill us?

Can we forgive seventy times seven and help those who are considered enemies?

Jesus did, and he said we could do greater things.

Is it possible to walk the extra mile when someone asks us to walk just one?

And feed the poor when we have our own problems to deal with?

Can we fight for peace and justice even though it is not popular to do so?

Jesus did, and he said we could do greater things.


About Noel

I am a person who has realized that the teachings of Jesus are centralized in the genuine care and service of others. I have evolved from fundamentalism to a moderate spiritual approach. I am a reflecting person who has grown to not fear doubt but to embrace it as a means to growth and increasing closeness to God. View all posts by Noel

13 responses to “Greater than Jesus

  • jasonswartz

    Is there anything in this world perceived as pure or impure by the individual that cannot allow man to cleave to the Creator? Is there any event revealed or concealed to the individual which is not an opportunity the draw near the creator?

    If man walks only with the knowledge of the Creator, and the knowledge of the Creators intent is completely revealed to the person in all circumstances then how can he cleave to the Creator through Faith above reason?

    If man walks only in blind faith and has no knowledge of the workings of the Upper One and his relationship with the Upper Governance then how can he achieve any adhesion to the Creator? It is like an orphaned child who has never meet his parent, what can he know of his parents thoughts, desires and intentions?

    It is for this reason that the Creator must reveal a portion of his knowledge and conceal the other. So that from the portion that is concealed from the person he can draw closer to the Creator through faith above reason. By faith above reason it is meant that within the persons reason he cannot always understand where the Creator is leading Him, yet follows with the knowledge that the Creator wants only the best for his soul.

    The portion that is revealed to the person is achieved through the actual entry of the Light into the vessel which is an actual sensation of the Creator. The proportion of Light entering the soul is proportional to the amount of knowledge gain about the Creator, which is called the Light of wisdom. It is called the Light of wisdom because this is the quality of the illumination within the person

    So the person should strive to remain within the middle line, between knowledge of the Creator (Wisdom) and Faith ( Creators benevolence). This balance allows a person to maintain the bond within any situation. When the person can justify the Creators actions in this world, then the individual is in a state of Righteousness and the Light of Wisdom shines upon them. When the Light of wisdom is concealed from the person and they lack the understanding of how the Creators action in this world is benevolent, then the person can maintain his Righteousness by seeing that it only appears malevolent because it is Above his reason. The person maintains his bond with the Creator because he realizes that the Creator has concealed a portion of the Light of Wisdom from him, so that he can draw near the Creator through Faith alone. Then the individual shines with Grace and Mercy from Above descends upon him.

    I feel it important to mention that the Light does not change in quality. However as different amounts of Light fill certain areas of the vessel (soul) it gives us within our sensations different flavors.

    So depending on the ratio of light, we call the Light by different names, by how it feels within us.

    So we call the Light, Truth, Wisdom, Grace, Mercy, Judgement, and much more however the light does not really change, it is us that are sensing it differently depending on the state of our vessel.


    That is why it is good to have doubt, they are like stones to weight your faith with. Really nice blog my friend, please come visit my blog when you have the time so that we can share our Love for the creator. See ya =)

  • T Scott

    Great post I ask this question all the time…

  • Hopeful_watcher

    Let’s never forget that when we help others, that we also have a “selfish” agenda (bwaa-haa-haa, rubbing hands diabolically together, just kidding) and that is to give witness and share the gospel of Jesus with those we have helped. If we have not done that, then we are just slapping a bandage on a broken soul.

    So yes we will do great things with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but the world IS broken and will eventually fail, because the evil one behind the scenes will make it so. And when that happens (and I personally believe it is very soon) then the gospel we have planted into their heart will flourish into a faith and trust that Jesus is our savior. They will not turn to other superficial saviors of their worldly possessions and relationships when the fit hits the shan. They will remain steadfast in righteousness for His name sake.

    • jasonswartz

      Well actually that is a very profound truth, that even when we help others which appears altruistic it can have selfish intentions.

      You give to charity, but a part wants to be recognized as generous in front of others.

      You are nice to people only because you want to be liked and popular.

      Seeing another person suffering, causes you pain so you help them so that you can stop your own psychological suffering.

      I me we should still do good actions even if our motivation is selfish in a subtle way.

      Only the creator can give us a true intention to work for His Glory and not our own. This intention is achieved when we realized our impure intention behind even our outward altruistic actions. then we pray for the Light of correction to fix us I call this Light (Messiah) and this is how I experience Jesus Christ within me.

    • jasonswartz

      I just went and checked out your blog……I gonna check it out after this reply, I like the titles so I want to see what you have to say. =)

      Here is a post I had about our intentions behind our actions. I think it applies to what you said at the start of your comment.

      If you got time hopefiully you can read it, I would like your feedback.

      See ya around hopefully =)

    • Noel

      Hopeful Watcher, yes, we can do great things for others, but living in this selfish and evil world makes it difficult, but not impossible.

      Jason, I agree that only God can give us the unconditional desire to serve others. This is true love.

  • Liz Mason

    This post was really nice. Your humility seems to shine through. How wonderful to know that all things are possible with God; but apart from Him we can do nothing. Thanks for writing this.

  • Tri

    Noel, I really, really enjoyed reading this post and marveled because sometimes I don’t feel capable to doing great things but how you put this made me think about the capability God has given us so that He can be glorified through these majestic doings. I appreciate how you wrote this and I feel that the terms in which you describe God’s word is teachable to those that are newly Christians to the mature Christians. Blessings to you my friend.

  • Elizabeth

    I never thought of it in this way before…amazing perspective!

    However, we must remember that Jesus, even though he lived as a man, never committed a sin (despite being tempted) and therefore is greater than us. I don’t think that you meant it that way though…if I interupt this correctly, you mean that Jesus did amazing things when He was on earth and wants us to follow that by going above and beyond.

    I did find this very encouraging though! I am constantly striving to do better and am often discouraged by my shortcomings or how it seems like its impossible for me to do anything great…so this was really inspiring. Thank you!

    • Noel

      Elizabeth, yes, I meant that Jesus did great things, and that He wanted us to do greater things, to the point of spreading his message throughout the world.

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