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Church? Help Jesus instead.

The other day,  I met many Jesuses.   They were hungry and lonely. I helped to feed them.  They were mentally ill, physically sick, confused, wheelchair bound, and desperate.  They were all in great need.  I drove one on them to his deteriorating house.  I listened to another one who complained of stomach pain. I could have been at home enjoying a relaxing day with my family.  But I was blessed to have the opportunity to serve these Jesuses instead.  I felt the presence of God, and did not set foot on a church.  I am sharing this to give God the glory, not myself. Please do not congratulate me or praise me for this, I just want to get this message across: Church should be on the streets.

This is why I strongly believe that attending church should involve the following:

Instead of raising hands in praise….take the hands and reach out to feed the hungry.

Instead of going to a temple or synagogue… go to prisons and nursing homes to visit the forgotten.

Instead of kneeling to pray… kneel to talk to orphans and homeless people who sleep on the cold floor.

Instead of singing hymns…. sing to a crying baby whose mother just died of AIDS or is waiting to be adopted.

Instead of listening to a preacher’s sermon…..listen to the cries of a beaten man or a raped woman.

Instead of listening to what a particular church has to say about how to handle your money…..  listen to your heart when a smelly, unkempt  person asks for a quarter.

Instead of worrying about how to have people “saved”…. worry about how to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

Instead of reading and memorizing Bible verses…practice what the Bible says.

Before you shake hands with your “brothers and sisters in Christ”…remember the Jesuses that are waiting outside the church.


Greater than Jesus

Can we do the things Jesus did?  He said we could, and more.

Jesus said “You will do greater things than what I have done” (John 14:12)

He  called us “light of the world” and “salt of the earth”.

Does this mean we are still sinners, or simply immature people growing to do greater things?

He did not want to be called “good man”, because he knew that only God is good,

And he did not claim to own any land, house, or any possession.

So if we are to do greater things, we should not assume we are good or own anything.

He did not want to be made a king by force, and neither should we assume any authority.

Can we turn the other cheek and refrain from retaliating?

Can we love those who hate us, even if they persecute us and try to kill us?

Can we forgive seventy times seven and help those who are considered enemies?

Jesus did, and he said we could do greater things.

Is it possible to walk the extra mile when someone asks us to walk just one?

And feed the poor when we have our own problems to deal with?

Can we fight for peace and justice even though it is not popular to do so?

Jesus did, and he said we could do greater things.

How Evolved Am I Towards God?

How far am I  from God? from Heaven?  from Truth? Reflecting further on this life, I keep contemplating on how far (or close) am I from discovering the entire meaning of my existence.  How different is my current concept of life versus the actual life?  Those of you who have followed my blog, have read that I believe that the main reason we are here on earth, the main theme of the Gospel, is to serve others.  And when we focus our attention to our own selfish agendas, then we are not accomplishing this mission.  The sooner I empty myself from preconceived concepts about people, the world, life itself, I believe the closer I evolve towards God.  Everything changes.  It is a fact of life.  If I choose to believe that I should believe certain things about life  without any room for continuous learning and growth, then I am stuck, stagnated, I am then in a spiritual crisis.  But to move on, to evolve,  in my spiritual journey means growing and therefore getting closer to God. Could I be wrong about this belief?  Yes I could, but I am convinced that at least I am here to serve others, unconditionally.

Evolving closer to God to me means  the following:

  • having less preconceived concepts about anything
  • accepting my faults and the faults of others
  • forgiving or refraining from holding grudges
  • overlooking social differences such as sexual orientation, race, gender, religion, world views, etc.
  • allowing the self to be transparent, without pretending to be someone I am not
  • practicing simplicity and humility
  • fighting for justice, peace, and equality
  • letting go of ambitions
  • having a growing desire to serve, unconditionally

What would be your definition of evolving towards God?


Just some thoughts about suffering, life, and the meaning of evil (and good)

I don’t have  all the answers.  I don’t even feel strong.  I have gone through some tribulations recently which have really tested my faith and strengths.  I have not prayed a lot, at least not in the traditional way.  But I have teared up and reflected on the difficult circumstances where I am at the moment.  Seeing a loved one suffer is very consuming.    To be more specific, my wife has just gone into surgery, and the recovery has been exhausting.  Seeing her in this condition takes a lot from me.  It helps me to reflect profoundly about Life.  It encourages me to appreciate what I do have, and remember to value what I often take for granted.  In the midst of this difficult time, many friends and family members have demonstrated true care and concern.  I doubted many times that this kind of love from fellow humans even existed.   They have shown me true love; a piece of heaven.  Life as it should be.

But I go back to the routine, I return to living the “normal life”, and I am then reminded again of the selfish, arrogant, greedy, cold world we live in.  This is truly an evil world.  How do I come up with this bold conclusion?   Having a clear distinction between evil and its opposite (good) is essential.  Good is to empty ourselves from preconceived ideas, bias, religion, discrimination, and other traits that we use to maintain selfish, rigid lifestyles. This is the first step.  The second step is to then reach out and put the other’s needs as equal as our own.  Good is to perceive others as equal, no matter how different.  Good is to forgive, volunteer, share, sacrifice, and accept others, always in joy and not expecting a reward. Good is simply everything that truly unites us.  This is the same as the definition of Love.  How often does this really happen?  I mean, really happen?  Rarely.

Now, evil is the easy part.  Evil is to simply think about my own needs, ambitions, goals, and desires, above everyone else’s.  It is to think about my own plans first.  Evil is to believe and live as if we own this world, or worst, as if we own each other.  Evil is to walk an extra mile to obtain someone else’s goods and profits.  Evil is to submit to the natural tendencies to feed our selfish desires. Evil is simply everything we do that isolates us.   How often does this happen?  All the time.  Do I sound extreme?  Well, I can accept that.

So this world is truly evil.  I don’t think I have to use specific examples about this fact.  This is probably why Christians call it the “fallen world”, and Hindus call it “an illusion.”  But the moments that I experience while my wife recovers give me a glimpse of what good is all about.  It humbles me to the point of recognizing how finite I truly am.  It reminds me of how little I know about life and how fragile life truly is.  And then I think about how absurd it is to be born, grow up, learn so much, and to finally die. We simply die, cease to exist. Or do we? There’s got to be something else.  There’s got to be continuation of growth and learning.  I still feel there is a lot to learn, but I am not sure if my physical body can withstand all the years it takes to learn all there is to know.  At least I am sure that, in the past couple of years,  I have learned that Life is about giving, about serving, about emptying ourselves and simplifying our lives so that we can continue to serve.  Life is about uniting with others in peace and acceptance.  I don’t own anything.  I am as insignificant as a grain of salt.  Yet, I am important enough to have friends and family call me and ask me how my wife is doing.  Weird, but true. And if this is supposed to make me feel stronger, I don’t feel it yet.  However, I am still hopeful this will give me some strengths for the future.

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read my rambling writing and venting.  I just  needed to get all of this out of my chest and into the keyboard.  Good night.