Monthly Archives: October 2010

Finding Peace with Death

Death is the ultimate mystery. Many people fear it, including myself. However, I have started to contemplate on its positive nature. I have always been taught of the afterlife in heaven.   But now I have a more profound idea and belief in what can await me on the “other side”.   I have recently read the classic book “Life after Life” by Raymond Moody, which has helped me to open my eyes to accepting death.   I finally have less fear and more hope about the life after this life. The teachings of Jesus of Nazareth confirm this new hope, when he talks about “many rooms in his Father’s house” and meeting him when we depart. But of most importance is the realization that, as mentioned in both the Bible and Moody’s book, it is our responsibility to serve others unconditionally while we still live on Earth.   We must love others as we love ourselves, and we must do this without selfish intentions.  This is our assignment here on earth.  It is our obligation.  People all around us suffer from starvation, depression, illness, and wars, but often we ignore because we rather worry about our trivial and selfish problems.  The person next to us could be going through depression and agony, and we are concerned about the stock or the next appointment with the beautician.  How insensitive can we be?  The life after this life is what really counts, after we succeed in serving others during this current  life. I believe that if we do not accomplish what we are called to do, then we will be reminded of our failures in the afterlife.  It is the purpose of our existence on earth, so that then we can be finally rewarded in heaven.  This is my faith.   Is it also yours?


A (New) Prayer to the Mysterious God

I learned about you since childhood
You were always part of my daily life
I trusted what the church said about you
When I grew older, I began to doubt,
the questions were overwhelming.
too many for me to ignore.
But as time passed, I evolved from being religious
to being more compassionate,
just the way You taught us to be.
It was almost as if naturally I became
saved without the superficial effort of having to
believe specific doctrines nor do selfish
rituals, but emptied myself from
egocentric tendencies,
including the self-righteousness
that comes from regularly attending the right church
and trying to convert others to my doctrine.
I feel I am truly farthest away from You
than originally wanted to believe, and
because of this, I am actually leaning towards You.
I trust that You understand me, even if
man may judge these lines as contradictory.
But reality is that, getting to know you
takes irony, and a little bit of paradox
because You don’t make much sense
but are more attractive than what man can ever offer.

Letting go of my own agenda opened my eyes to your true Gospel

Accepting the differences of others helped me to see them through Your eyes.                                                                               It was like being cured from a spiritual blindness.

Being a Christian does not require following other Christians.

It is enough to follow Your example.  It is safe to be saved through growth, not a single event.

It is pleasing to You to serve others, even if they deny you.  I continue to grow and evolve, and become more like You.

I look forward to seeing You the day that I cease to grow  and You decide to reveal Yourself completely to me.                             When that day comes, You will no longer be the Mysterious God,

but the fully revealed God.

But in the mean time, I gradually keep searching for more of You.                                      Amen.