Why I am not an Atheist

If I try to convince myself that God is not real, then I am ignoring everything that surrounds me. I can easily deny the authenticity of religion, because it is mainly man made. But I cannot even get close to concluding that God is not real. If God is not real, then where does my consciousness come from? A mere combination of neurons shooting electricity to each other? If God does not exist, what is the beginning of everything? A big bang which in itself has no cause? If God is a fantasy, how do I know if anything else, including my perception of the “real world” is not a fantasy also? Because I can use my five senses which can also be a fantasy?
No, I cannot think about this life without a mysterious and unexplainable cause that I must give credit to. I am too weak and limited to put myself in the center of the universe. I cannot duplicate the notion that a line has no end. I cannot escape the thought that everything that is limited must have a beginning, therefore the beginning of all limited things must be under a different category (unlimited) I cannot imagine ceasing to exist once my body dies. My limited mind does not allow me to accept a God-less universe. Now, who exactly is this God that I find myself forced to believe in? I am not sure 100 %, but I am sure He or She must be real. And I am also sure that I am living to get to know God more so that I can experience life fully. It is for this reason that, because of my personal experience with the Christian Church, That I decide to continue to arduously follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, which showed me that the path to knowing God more is to love my neighbors as I love myself. To try to deny this responsibility is to be selfish and, therefore, a sin.
Jesus came for the lost, not the ones who thought they were already “found”. If I think I am not a sinner and therefore have no room for improvement, then Jesus is not for me, because I am living a lie, and Jesus is Truth. If I continue to try to convince myself that I am already “complete” then I am living a lie, not the Truth. I must acknowledge my selfish nature, repent, and then live a life serving others, putting my own needs aside. this way I will then please God.   Amen.


About Noel

I am a person who has realized that the teachings of Jesus are centralized in the genuine care and service of others. I have evolved from fundamentalism to a moderate spiritual approach. I am a reflecting person who has grown to not fear doubt but to embrace it as a means to growth and increasing closeness to God. View all posts by Noel

2 responses to “Why I am not an Atheist

  • jetson

    Hello Noel,

    I am an atheist. And while I can understand some of what you have said, I wanted to let you know what an atheist really is. Dictionaries are sadly incorrect in many cases.

    An atheist is a person who either believes there are no gods, or a person who does not believe a specific god, or gods is real. The difference is subtle. A strong atheist, like myself, believes that all gods are imaginary characters invented by ignorant humans. By ignorant, I mean that these humans were unable to explain something like lightning, so they imagined, or invented Zeus. Now they had an explanation for lightning! A weak atheist, for lack of a better term, is one that sees no evidence that a particular god is real, such as the God of The Bible.

    Now, in either case, if a god were ever shown to be real, using facts and evidence that can be falsified, most atheists would admit that said god was in fact real. Here is an analogy:

    If someone came along and stated that there was a planet in between earth and mars, the only requirement would be observations that showed clear evidence of a planet between earth and mars. This type of evidence should be easy for any astronomer to verify, and even falsify. Anyone who was left doubting the existence of this planet would never be taken seriously by the rest.

    Now, if this same claim was made regarding a new planet, and the only evidence provided was the fact that belief in this planet would get you eternal life, and disbelief would get you eternal death, then you can be sure that many people would believe the planet was real. There would be no requirement from believers to actually show this planet, because they are simply believing it based on a promise/punishment system sufficient for many to suspend disbelief.

    The complications come when people begin to claim everything wonderful as evidence of their god, and everything not so wonderful as evidence of their gods “mysterious” ways. This is not good, because there is literally no way to dispute this “evidence”. It cannot be falsified. And even if I were to say that all of the good and bad in the world appears to be the same as if no god were around, believers would remain convinced that their god was behind it all.

  • Noel

    Hello Jetson, thanks to responding to my blog. I agree that it is unfortunate that many Christians use faith in God as a way to avoid eternal damnation, because then our message would be based on fear, not Truth. Now, what I have started to believe in recent years is in the genuine care of people in need. We are here to serve others who are less fortunate than us. Selfishness would be the opposite of this calling, which I identify as sin. But I also believe that in order to be able to do so, I must empty myself from everything that would feed by ego, including religion. I must also practice mercy, forgiveness, peace, fight for justice, and humility. Some people might argue that I can do this without believing in God. But the point is that believing in serving others, unconditionally, is the same as believing in God. Because I believe that God is not an entity out there in heaven watching us and punishing us, but here with us, where there is compassion, peace, and real love. It is hard to explain, but this has been my personal experience. I am not here to prove God’s existence, like I would about a new planet, I am here to live God through the service of others. By the way, God does not fall under the category of things that can be measured, or proven. Take care.

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