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Are you certain about your certainty?

How certain are you about anything?  I concluded a long time ago that being certain, or simply “knowing” anything is simply an illusion, except what I am experiencing at the present moment.  Many Christians claim to be certain of their salvation, but this is an erroneous statement.  To say “I know I am going to work tomorrow” for instance, is a statement that assumes that there is absolutely no doubt that tomorrow I will be at work.  But when I start considering the possibilities that will impede me from going to work, i.e. a flat tire, a thunderstorm, getting fired, etc. then I realize that I don’t really know for sure, I am not certain, that I am going to work tomorrow.  Using another example, we often claim that the sun will rise tomorrow, simply because it has occurred for millions of years.  But it does not really guarantee that a global catastrophe will impede the world to continue to spin, thus preventing the sun from rising up again.  It is unlikely, but still possible.  Almost everything that we say we know, or are certain of, is really a matter of chance, not absolute.  Is there anything that I can be certain, or know for sure?  Yes, such as what I am experiencing at the present moment (i.e. I know, and I am certain that I am sitting down at this moment, typing these letters on my computer).  I don’t know, or I am not certain, that I will complete this post, but I know I am doing it at this present moment.  I can only BELIEVE that I will complete this post in a few minutes, but I don’t know that for sure.  In other words, I can only know what I am experiencing RIGHT NOW.  Everything else is based on FAITH.  My memories or occurrences from the past also serve as beliefs, because I am not experiencing the past occurrences at the moment, but I do know, and I am certain, that I have present memories of the past occurrences.  I am not certain of the occurrence, but I am certain of the memories (even if part of my memories may be fabricated).

In our Christian journey, we cannot be certain of our salvation.  I believe that this might raise a few eye browse, but I believe this to be true.  This is probably why Jesus taught so much about FAITH, because if we are CERTAIN about our salvation, then there is no need for FAITH.  Faith is necessary when certainty is absent.  I don’t need faith to trust that I am sitting down right at this present moment, and typing these words, but I need faith to trust that tomorrow I will go to work, or the sun will rise, because I am not experiencing it at the present moment.  I have FAITH, that some day I will go to heaven, so I must continue to live as if I have this faith, by doing what will lead me to be certain that I am in Heaven one day.  Jesus taught a lot about not worrying about tomorrow, but to worry more about living the Kingdom of Heaven TODAY, because today is all we have for CERTAIN.  The future is uncertain, but will be reached with FAITH.  Jesus warned us not to worry about what we will eat, what clothes we will wear, and so forth, but to worry about doing God’s will TODAY, and be certain about what we do at the present moment.  God will take care of tomorrow, God will take care of what we have faith on, which is why we need to maintain faith, because without faith in what are yet not certain of, we will not please God. Thank you.