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Living the True Christian life is like applying for a job.

People often preach and say that being saved only takes a verbal confession of faith in Jesus as personal savior.

That is not true unless it is done in its entirety.  James taught that  faith without works is dead.   In other words, if I do not live as if I believe in the Salvation of Jesus, then my faith is dead, and then my salvation is also dead.  If I continue to live as I used to before becoming a Christian, then what good is it to profess my faith?  It is like applying for a job. When I apply for a job, I read about the company I am considering to work for and maybe visit it; the same way as studying about the message of Salvation through Jesus, or someone Evangelizing to me, and visiting a church. I complete a job application and submit it; the same way I decide to follow Jesus and profess my faith to Him and the rest of the congregation.  I am hired; I am Saved. Then after I am hired, I must read the New Employee Orientation Manual and other documentation to be trained about my work and company policies; When I am saved, I read the Bible, attend church, and learn more about the Christian faith.  But then after being hired, being oriented, and knowing what my responsibilities are for being hired, I decide to come late for work, perform less than what my job description requires, and start taking days off without clear intent; I can do the same by staying home and not being committed to helping the poor, feeding the hungry, forgiving, visiting prisoners and the sick, and other mandated practices that Jesus taught us to do (deny ourselves) and follow Him.  If I do not act on my responsibilities as a new employee of the company, my job is in jeopardy.  If I do not follow the teachings of Jesus, my Salvation is in jeopardy.  I am still hired, but not accomplishing the reason why I was hired; I may still be saved, but not accomplishing the reason why I was saved.  I still agree and believe in my company’s policies and procedures, but I am failing to abide by them.  I still believe in Jesus as my Savior, but I am living as if He is not my Savior.  My faith is dead.  My salvation, therefore, is also dead.  We need to be responsible.  We can’t expect to be saved, go to church, tithe, be nice to our neighbor, and then maintain salvation.  We would not keep our jobs if we don’t perform well.  Our new jobs as Christians are to “Love God with all of our strength, and our neighbors as we love ourselves.”  Yes, God loves us and wants everyone to be saved, but we are not accepting His love by not loving others, as God commanded us to do through the example of Jesus.


Lesson 6: Clean Heart = Spiritual Health

“Blessed are those with a clean heart, for they will see God” (Mt. 5:8).  How easy it is to allow our hearts to be poisoned by the pain that others cause!  And because it is so easy, it takes no special effort, but to simply allow our minds to interpret some actions of others as offending, insulting , and takes the freedom away from us.  What do I mean by freedom?  The freedom to live in peace and communion with God and therefore with others.  The resentment, and the pride will consume us and serve as a barrier between us and others.  It will then separate us from God as well.  Being angry with others is equal to murder (Mt. 5:21-27).   And if we commit murder, we sin against God.  We are guilty for holding grudges against others.  It makes us not like God.  “Be perfect as my Father is Heaven is perfect” Jesus told his disciples (Mt 5:48).  For example, let us love those who hate us, pray for those we consider our enemies, and bless those who curse us.  Not easy, but perfect. We are not perfect beings, but we can strive for perfection.  Using our current imperfect nature as an excuse for not loving others unconditionally is an irresponsible, coward,  and immature way of justifying our sins.

Our human nature, which is immature and selfish, makes us want the easy way out. Our prayer should be “Help us forgive others, God!  Because if we don’t, then You will not forgive us!” How tragic it would be to face God one day to simply be rejected by our unwillingness to love others unconditionally.  How selfish and evil can we be?   How much pride do we allow to take over our lives to the point of giving us no choice but to be condemned!  Harsh words?  Exactly.  Because this life is hard.  And we should make it the best we can, by doing what is not comfortable, but gives us eternal reward.  The easy way out gives us harsh consequences.  The narrow path gives us Salvation. Let us be transparent and forgive others so that we can see God (Mt. 5:8).