“The Hole in our Gospel”

I finally found a book that describes what I have been sharing in this blog, it is a book by Richard Stearns called the Hole in our Gospel. It simply talks about what we have been missing from living the Gospel, namely serving and helping others in need, not simply going to church and giving offerings. I am glad I am not the only one in the Christian community who thinks like I do. “There is no ‘whole Gospel’ without compassion and justice shown to the poor.  It’s that simple” (pg. 60, The Hole in our Gospel).


About Noel

I am a person who has realized that this existence is an opportunity to engage in the genuine care and service of others. I have evolved from fundamentalism to a moderate spiritual approach. I am an introvert, an artist, and a a reflecting person who has grown to not fear doubt but to embrace it as a means to growth and increasing closeness to the fullness of life. View all posts by Noel

2 responses to ““The Hole in our Gospel”

  • jason pearson

    you might be interested in the companion website to the book – http://www.sixweekquest.com – it has a 42-day online journal with a thought/action for each day

    • Nolin

      Thank you, Jason, I just visited it and looks very impressive. I am praying that God continues to talk to me through this book and now this website….because I honestly realized the true meaning of the Gospel one night when I randomly (which now I believe was God driven) started reading Mathew 5, and then the rest of the Gospel made a lot more sense to me. Jesus wants us to serve others, most of all, which is how we love God back, because He loved us first. I always wondered, “Who is God and how can I find HIm?” the answer: Serve others and you will find God. God Bless You.

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