Why Did God Allow Evil?

Why Did God Allow Evil?

Gregory Koukl


When we raise children, we desire them to do good, but we realize they may turn out to be bad. So what do we do? Chain them to their beds or lock them in a closet to insure they stay out of mischief? That would be barbaric,

In the same way, God has dignified man by giving him choices. He’s gifted him with the privilege of making his own decisions. Man’s choice to do good, to live in conformity with God’s desires, is only meaningful if there is an alternate choice to do evil. God won’t chain man to the bed or lock him in a closet. That would be cruel.


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One response to “Why Did God Allow Evil?

  • Nolin

    Man! How hard it is to be a Christian! Specially when evil occurs in my life. My family suffers, and I suffer, and then I start questioning God. Why, God? Is this an opportunity for me to get closer to you? HOw can this be? I feel like I just want to be more distant from you. Why do you allow this to happen and risk losing me again? Do you want me to step farther away from you, or closer? I really hope you know what you are doing by allowing my family to suffer.

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